Supporting art with strong social impact

Mission Statement

Our mission is to champion projects that promote inclusivity and diversity, with a strong focus on public engagement and participation with communities.
We also empower emerging artists by providing an online platform that fosters their creative development and showcases their artwork.

Ania Mokrzycka

“I was introduced to The Responsa Foundation through a friend of mine, it’s ethos aligning with my project’s aims to challenge dominant, hostile narratives. The support was extremely encouraging and invaluable – I would not have been able to make this film without it.”


Scilla Rajalin

“The collaboration with The Responsa Foundation was the first time that someone showed interest in my work in such a clear and supporting way, making an actual difference to the process and wanting to invest in what I have to offer. This was a huge feeling for me to experience and it made the biggest difference to my work – I’ve said it before – the work would not be where it is without The Responsa Foundation.”


Terence Wilde

“I am so grateful to The Responsa Foundation for believing in my vision, supporting from behind the scenes and giving the opportunity to a group of queer men to move beyond just surviving, to feel good about themselves through embroidery and art.”


Gili Lavy

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Responsa Foundation. I truly felt their care and input for the project but also for me as an artist. Their interest and willingness to contribute to the contemporary art field is very inspiring and their support is so appreciated. This project couldn’t have been executed if it wasn’t for their kind support.”


Will Redgrove

“Having the support from The Responsa Foundation meant that I could run with an ambitious idea. It made such a difference to know that the grant was going towards something that would truly make a difference: community engaged art projects. It also felt freeing to know that, as an artist, I was being trusted to develop something new. I feel that the outcome had an authenticity I would not have been able to achieve otherwise.”