Supporting art with strong social impact

Mission Statement

Our mission is to champion projects that promote inclusivity and diversity, with a strong focus on public engagement and participation with communities.
We also empower emerging artists by providing an online platform that fosters their creative development and showcases their artwork.

“I was introduced to The Responsa Foundation through a friend of mine, it’s ethos aligning with my project’s aims to challenge dominant, hostile narratives. The support was extremely encouraging and invaluable – I would not have been able to make this film without it.”


“The collaboration with The Responsa Foundation was the first time that someone showed interest in my work in such a clear and supporting way, making an actual difference to the process and wanting to invest in what I have to offer. This was a huge feeling for me to experience and it made the biggest difference to my work – I’ve said it before – the work would not be where it is without The Responsa Foundation.”