Announcement of the Bookmark Competition

We are delighted to announce the results of our bookmark competition, ‘This Difference.’  We put out an open call to artists inviting them to design a bookmark describing their own sense of being different and how this affects them.  This, our first project also highlighted the Nazi burning of books. This is emblematic of a harsh and oppressive regime seeking to censor, silence and demean people because they’re perceived as different and therefor a threat. In 1822, German poet Heinrich Heine prophetically penned:

“Those who burn books will in the end burn people.” 

We chose 8 winning artists from a broad range of backgrounds who all have their own unique stories to tell. We feel privileged to share their individual experiences of what it means to be simply human. The bookmarks have now been distributed free, to over 120 UK bookshops and libraries across the UK. 

Explore the winning bookmarks and meet the successful artists below:

The Responsa Foundation also worked in collaboration  Ray Kilby, Course Leader, MA Filmmaking from The University of the Arts. MA student Nadine Goetz and her team have produced a wonderful film under lockdown conditions of all our winning artists.