We are pleased to announce that we have awarded two grants this year to fund two very different artists’ further projects. The artists are Ted Harrison and Gili Lavy.


Gili Lavy

Gili Lavy works with large-scale projections and immersive video installations. She’s a prolific artist, producing many notable video installations. We are drawn to Gili’s poetic and use of strong narrative. Her works examine the need to mark, to occupy territories and create borders on both land and sea whilst questioning how socio-political conditions affect collective identity – the very land and the oceans where they exist.

She makes use of scientific illustrations, exploring ideas of mapping and owning land, data using digital footage exploring the meanings of territory and ‘border’. This reflects upon contemporary geo-socio-political situations as she explores narratives of collective displacement particularly within areas of turbulence.

The connecting link within her works often concerns migration, not just in its classical sense of migrating populations but as a suggestion of constant movement. This is a representation of reality as the most unstable condition and state of mind. Her research focuses on the investigation of collective histories that carry a burden which can be sensed rather than seen.

Proposed Video installation with The Responsa Foundation.
‘Common Lakes’ – Date of completion February 2022

Common Lakes is a complex 3 way video interdisciplinary project installation that researches water as an archive. It investigates borders in the Mediterranean Sea, mapping the visual, historical, material and cultural agency they have on their surroundings. Her work aims to expand our knowledge of the Mediteranean by investigating its liquid borders and its stories of collective displacement, in areas affected by socio-political and historical tensions. We were inspired by the idea of Common Lakes, as undetermined, undefined spaces, which carry metaphorical potential for new ideas, solutions or possibilities. 


Gili Lavy works with large-scale projections and immersive video installations. Her works examine the need to mark and occupy territories and create borders on land and in oceans, reflecting upon narratives of collective displacement within areas of turbulence. She explores ideas of mapping and owning grounds, considering how socio-political conditions affect collective identity, the land and the oceans where they exist.
Lavy holds a Master’s degree in Contemporary Art Practice from the Royal College of Art, London. In 2020-21 Lavy was nominated for the Maxxi Bvlgari Prize, Rome, she was invited to Artist Residency in Palazzo Monti, Italy; Joya: AiR Artist Residency, Spain; and was awarded International Prize category, Fondazione Terzo Pilastro, Talent Prize 2020, Italy.
In 2019 Lavy had a solo show as part of Intermezzo, Villa Zito, Palermo, commissioned by Fondazione Sicilia; and took part in BAM-Bienniale Arcipelago Mediterraneo, commissioned by Fondazione Merz, Italy. Awards, Grants and nominations include: Ducato Prize, IT (2021), Responsa Grant, UK (2021); Talent Prize 2020, IT; Dentons Art Prize, London, UK (2018); Mario Merz Prize, IT (2017); Arts Council England, UK (2016); Hix Prize, London, UK (2016); Clore Foundation Grant, UK (2014-6).
Selected solo & group exhibitions include: Villa Borghese, Rome, Talent Prize 2020, IT; Intermezzo/Villa Zito, Fondazione Sicilia, IT (2019/2020); Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig, Germany (2020); ELIA/European League of Institutes of The Arts, NL (2019); BAM/Biennale Arcipelago Mediterraneo, IT (2019); Palazzo Chiaramonte/Punte Brillanti Di Lance, Palermo, IT (2018); The Koppel Project Gallery, London, UK (2018); Fondazione Merz, Turin, IT (2017); CICA Museum, South Korea (2017); Visio lo Schermo Dell’arte, Florence, IT (2016); FIF BH International Biennale of Photography, Brazil (2015

If you are interested in learning more about Gili’s work please read: www.klatmagazine.com

Or look at her website: www.gililavy.com