We’re excited to announce our latest collaboration with Will Redgrove: Illustrator, muralist, painter and youth worker making amazing things happen in community projects.

Growing up in the vibrant, multicultural community of Hackney, East London, Will developed his passion for cultural histories, intricate identities, and interlacing relationships. After going to university in Bristol, he absorbed the energetic music and street art scene there and developed an understanding of the role of art within social movements and activism.

Having always gravitated towards public art, community projects and youth-work, in 2019 he founded the community-focussed art project ASYMBAL, created to make institutions and gallery spaces more inclusive, accessible, and fun to those with special educational needs.

Throughout his workshops and group projects he uses tactile and co-creative processes such as collage, working on huge rolls of paper, exploring with viewfinders, and using textiles, inks and paints to initially sketch out the mural designs – creating a collaborative safe space where everyone can be involved from the initial sketch to the finished mural. Whether working on a huge wall or a small canvas, each artwork is an extensive research and development project, with community and young people at its heart.  

Stay tuned for more news on our collaboration with Will, coming soon!