We’re thrilled to announce our latest successful grant applicant: Scilla Rajalin, a London-based choreographer and multidisciplianary-artist.

Scilla works across fields of movement, physical theatre, film and creative writing: producing dynamic, often humorous work around notions of nonsense, un-reliable realities and systematic cycles of routines and patterns.  

They graduated from London Contemporary Dance School with a First Class BA Hons in contemporary dance before continuing to freelance as a choreographer, dancer, movement director, dramaturg and rehearsal director between London and Stockholm. They recently launched the project-based company RAJ, collaborating with local sound artists and visual artists, delving into themes of sexuality, opposition and non-linear perceptions of time. Scilla keeps a focused eye on detail and on the playful contradictions of dramaturgical problem solving.  

Their show, Alpha Misfits is a contemporary dance and theatre creation, described as a contest, a verdict, a game – with no prize, no evidence and very few rules. Using methods of documentary making, this work portrays a radical search for relationship and identity. It’s a race towards the inevitable, towards relative truth and un-reliable form. 

In collaboration with the performers and composer Zacharias Wolfe, as well as off-the-record collaboration with hundreds of filmmakers, directors and fabricated characters, the work explores ideas around honesty, passion and a non-linear journey towards the self. 

Alpha Misfits will premiere on June 13th at The Place London

Supported by The Responsa Foundation, Photos by Genevieve Reeves @genvv