The Responsa Foundation was established by artist Barbara Greisman. Over the past 50 years she has worked as a teacher, marital therapist and book artist and has an MA in Book Art from Camberwell College. Her experiences as a marital therapist have brought her to the conclusion that the couple relationship is like a microcosm of society. She believes much can be learnt about what triggers intolerance on a wider scale viewed through this lens, that we’re all inbuilt with a distrust of difference. It is our ability to self regulate this which is the key to building a just and inclusive society. She believes that art can play a significant role in this.

Her video, The 14th Room, is on permanent display in The Wiener Holocaust Library. She spent years scouring through ephemera from their vast archive, selecting and combining hundreds of images which formed multi narratives, exploring a wide range of human experiences during the catastrophic period of WW2’s Holocaust.

Barbara’s latest work onemantelpiece.com is an online art installation representing her thoughts on themes concerning home, the everyday and art itself.

Still from The 14th Room, 2013