Please find below a list of answers to the frequently asked questions regarding the work of the Responsa Foundation.

What do you mean by the ‘arts’?
The ‘Arts’ concerns anything that’s highly visual and conceptualised. The work can consist of any practice, including painting, drawing, sculpture, performance art, photography, video/film/moving image, installation, interactive media, music, theatre, film, dance, and other performing arts and other media such as interactive media, are also included in our definition of the arts. We’re also open to artists working in text, literature and poetry any craft/maker, sound art, comics, book art, new media/online. To sum up, we’re interested in any new art work that thinks out of the box, is socially engaged, and is exciting to us.
What do you mean by co produce?
Think of us as a gallery without walls. We will support you to help realise your vision while making sure the work remains within the remit of the programme/brief as a whole.
Why do you want to be the sole funder?
The Responsa Foundation sees itself as a curatorial body and we are keen to work with the artists we fund (see above re co-production). Our aim is to ensure our vision and values are adhered to in the project’s realisation. Due to the sensitive and ethical nature of the projects generated by us, we are highly unlikely to consider applications which include other funding streams. However, should you have plans to raise additional funds in a way which would not compromise our collaboration, we’d be open to hearing your plans.
Who owns the copyright to the work?
The artist retains the copyright for all of their work and is responsible for sourcing copyright for any proprietorial content they use in their work.

The Responsa Foundation retains the rights to use imagery of or generated by the work indefinitely.

Why the one year time frame?
We believe that woking within an achievable period time limit of a year gives the artist a good framework to work in whilst having a firm boundary stated in the contract to get the work done.
Why do we ask you to reach a wide audience?
One can use ingenious ways to promote and show work outside of gallery walls or specific sole venues.

Engagement is key. Our aim is to start conversations and thinking about inclusion and diversity and so we require our projects to have specific plans as to how this will be achieved. We therefore expect artists to state exactly how they will reach a wide audience.

Is my information kept private when I apply?
All information provided us will be held in strict confidence. We use the information from your grant application solely to evaluate your request.
Is my grant subject to Income Taxes?
The artist is responsible for this. Please consult with your accountant to discuss the tax implications.
Are collaborative applications possible?
While joint/collaborative applications are welcome, we only offer relatively modest awards and we are looking for proposals that are realistic and within the means of the amount offered. Joint applications will only be awarded by the one bursary amount.
How long will it take to hear back?

We will confirm when we receive your application and aim to process it within one month.