We look at any challenging projects which engage audiences, aiming to question, challenge and examine systems that stand in the way of inclusion. We highlight artists who actively support any underprivileged, minority or any disadvantaged community. We believe that you, the artist, can make a difference by contributing to the well-being of individuals and communities.

We support any project that engages the public and has strong  social impact. From workshops, exhibitions and performances to zines and podcasts. We want art that’s for everyone, not just for ‘the art elite’.

Funding new work:

We operate on a rolling basis. All applications must include where and how projects will be exhibited or distributed, who your proposed audience will be and how you intend to reach them.

Please send your proposal in good time. Many Applications fail because they are sent too close to your intended project. Please allow a minimum of 3 months. 

We are self-funded with limited resources: should you require a grant of over £2,000, we expect you to have another organisation also funding you. We are especially interested to fund community projects with social impact such as workshops, podcasts or discussion panels.

Should you receive a grant, regular meetings will occur as necessary. These meetings will offer you support and guidance in completing your project. The artist will also be required to produce online content, tagging us in any social media posts. A synopsis of your project with images will also need to be provided for our website. Successful applicants will be featured across our social media, website and email newsletters.


We turn down applications if:

– You are not working or living in the UK

– You cannot complete the project within a year

For more information, please see our FAQ’s page.