We promote a questioning and risk taking approach, exploring intolerance both past and present appearing in all forms of the arts. We fund ambitious and challenging projects which engage audiences, aiming to question, challenge and examine inherent cultures, systems and behaviours that stand in the way of inclusion.

We are also keen to fund Grants which are community or any public based art projects, that has strong public engagement within any organisation that is sympathetic to our remit. Some examples are libraries, museums, public galleries, any ultra-liberal religious place of worship and community art organisations.

In a nutshell we provide grants to artists who create work around the many ways we can feel both divided and united in this world. In other words, intolerance to others. We support any art projects that aren’t just for the ‘art elite’. We emphasise that art is for all of us. We want to highlight artists who play a fundamental role in boosting the prospects of any poor, minority and other disadvantaged communities. We believe that you artists can make a difference.

In your Application we will ask how your work can reach as large an audience as possible.

Funding New Work:

We operate on a rolling basis. Successful projects must be completed within one year of receiving the Grant. All applications must include where and how projects will be exhibited or distributed, who your intended audience will be and how you intend to reach them.

We are self funding and have modest resources, therefore, we are no longer offering higher grants to individual artists. Should you require a Grant of £2,000 upwards, we expect you to have other organisations also funding you. We are willing to collaborate with other agencies as long as your work follows closely to our remit. Your proposal should have a strong social impact, that highlights inclusion.

Regular meetings will occur as necessary and an evaluation report will be required within one month of the project’s completion. The artist will also be required to produce online content, usually a synopsis of their project with images which may also include articles, video, interviews, blog etc.


We turn down applications if:

– You are not working or living in the UK

– You cannot complete the project within a year

For more information, please see our FAQ’s page.